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Vlogs means a number of webpages where videos are published instead of articles. For Search Engine Optimization reasons, and also to be as explicit as possible they are accompanied by photos, text and even comments to be able to be categorised better.

This trend came from two directions:

1. People prefer to deal with persons they know so a video appearance or pitch is much more effective than a text which can be written by anybody who wants to hide his identity.
2. The tone of communication through internet, especially due to the xplosion of social networks is more an more familar, buddy style, and a video helps this.

Also the algorythms of the search engines changed and pictures and videos are indexed and loved by them. Vlogs can be accessed not only through computers but also through mobile devices as mobile phones, smart phones and other gadgets. Usually, after creating a video you upload it to a video sharing site and after, through the embeed code you copy and pase it to any site or blog you want. Also, using the RSS technology you spread the video through internet to be seen by as many people as possible.

Videos are used for:

1. driving traffic to a website, squeeze age or affiliate link;
2. Search Engine Optimization - to build consistency for some keywords of interest to you;
3. to build an online reputation for you and your company;
4. to start new ideas, to spread them through the internet buzz and word of mouth;
5. to explain better something which can be misunderstood from a text.

The basics of a regular blog and of Vlog are the same but Vlogs seems simpler to manage. When you will join a video blogs community, the first step will be to create your own channel. After this step you will start organizing the data you have at disposal, like your favourite shows, podcasts and videos and also to upload your own and spread them all over the internet. Of course, anything depends on your interests. If you want just the whole world to see your new cat eaing and you gain 1 million visitors the result will be claps of hands from pet owners and pet lovers. The sme amount of visitors for a video pointing to something for sale can mean a lot of money in your pocket.

Vides should be included in any marketing and advertising campaign so knowing how to deal with them will be of a great help to you.


Blogs on the other hand first appeared on the internet marketing scene in the late 1990's. It was used simply as a way for people to comment on an existing website or page. It was the opportunity for subscribers and readers to post opinions on a whole variety of subjects in which they were interested in.

However, what started out as simply an odd sentence or two, has quickly evolved into page after page of personal take on just about anything and everything, and as blogging continues to evolve at a steadily increasing rate, online advertising and internet marketing has really exploded it's potential.

So what follows are 5 simple reasons why blogging should be used as an essential internet marketing tool.

1. Blogging CAN be FREE - With the onset of free blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress, a Blog is not only very easy to set-up, (No HTML or PHP knowledge is required)but it can be done with no monetary cost. Plus with all of the different themes and plug-ins which are now available anybody can design a very professional looking blog in a very short time.

2. Blogging is Very Simple - If you can write an email, you can start a blog. It REALLY IS that simple. Gone are the dark days when it would take months and months of HTML or PHP learning, before you could even think about starting a Website. No initial skills are necessary. If you can read and type, you can set-up a blog. If you can click and point a mouse, you can set-up a blog. It's like having a virtual piece of paper, on which you can jot down your ideas, your experiences, and your knowledge. If you have a computer (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone) and an internet connection you can start blogging.

3. Blogging Helps to Build Your Internet Marketing Credibility - Blogging on a regular basis is the key to building your online presence. As you continue to blog about your every day experiences, and convey your knowledge on a particular subject or market, your readers will soon come to regard you as an expert, which will keep them coming back for more.

As a consequence, more readers will visit your Blog and more Bloggers will link to your posts, and that will mean the opportunity to advertise, whether that means as an affiliate, or advertising your own products, more traffic then equals more revenue. Eventually keeping your content value to a high quality and driving traffic to your Blog will allow you to generate a substantial income, and as your expertise grows the opportunity to enter into joint ventures with other internet marketers will present itself as well.

4. Blogging Increases Your Market Share - Unless you simply Blog for interest or for fun, I am guessing that you might just be interested in earning some money with your blog. Internet marketing and Blogging is a great mix with which you can do this, but first you need to understand how you can get your Blog noticed. So here are a few pointers as to how you can do this quickly and efficiently:

Your e-mail signature - Every time you send an email, no matter what it is about, make sure you include a link to your Blog in your email signature. Most email systems will allow you to set this up quite easily, and this is a great way to have your blog noticed.

Understand Your Readers and Subscribers - There are Blogging tools available which will allow you conduct regular surveys on your blog for your readers, in order for you to gain a better understanding of their needs and wants. This will then give you the information you need to provide this within your regular postings. Ask for feedback on a post, ad links, or a product you have used. Again there are tools you can use to do this depending on which platform you choose to blog with.


Join a Blog Network - By joining a Blog network, that is a network of blogs all sharing the same subject matter, and regularly posting comments, you will not only get your blog noticed, but will also gain some highly relevant back links which you need for the search engines to rank your blog highly. The authority this gives is paramount to the authority which is then assumed by the likes of Google and Yahoo. You will find as well that your readers and subscribers will assume your credibility is good when they can link you to other blogs and information about your particular niche. In the internet marketing world the more bloggers and vloggers there are, the better.



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